Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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The Civil Service Institute at Mahatma Gandhi University started functioning in 2018. It liberates every student’s intellect, unlocks imagination, which is the key to knowledge, and opens up a world of opportunities, enabling each aspirant to contribute to a progressive and healthy society. We are one of the best coaching centers, offering coaching services for the Civil Service Prelims Examination. Our team of excellent and experienced faculty strives to provide quality education with the help of brilliant study materials and an innovative teaching style. We guide our students at every step of their journey and help them to clear all their queries and doubts. We are devoted and committed to rendering excellence in education and knowledge for civil service aspirants.


The Civil Service Institute intends to resolve the expertise gap emerging from the static and repetitive mechanism of teaching-learning and thereby ensuring academic convergence for all aspirants to the Civil Service.

The Civil Service Institute focuses on innovative and meaningful learning experiences where the development of creative, critical, analytical, and sustainable ideas is encouraged.


To ensure excellence in education through providing effective coaching for Civil Service Examination that generate new knowledge and its applications for healthy social practices

To foster a diverse and multi talented workforce, engaging in updated Social Research and Creative/Critical Thinking .

To enable learners to succeed in their ongoing education, chosen careers, lifelong pursuit of knowledge and also for grooming them as responsible authorities and citizens in a rapidly changing and diverse global community through wide range of programmes and services.

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